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Ep 54 – E3, Shazam, and more

Danny, Jarrett, and Matt discuss games and announcements from E3, the Shazam movie, and more!

Ep 53 – Endgame of Thrones

Danny, Jarrett, and Matt celebrate some of the most epic content in television and movie history – Game of Thrones, and Avengers: Endgame. In the immortal words of Stan Lee, ’nuff said!

Ep 52 – Sabrina, Titans, and the Turtles

Danny, Jarrett, and Matt dig into the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Titans, as well as an older recommended TMNT read.

Ep 51 – The Return!

In a long-overdue, overly long episode, Jarrett and Matt introduce Danny, and dig into a lot of what has come out since our last episode, including Captain Marvel, Titans, and the new Joker trailer.

Ep 50 – Five Oh!

The Comic Book Den celebrates 50 episodes! We talk about E3, comic book news, and more, sadly without Pete.

The Legend of Aquaman Review

By Meagan Milton for

“…when in the fortunes of opposing forces are decided on the basis of matters as deliberate and dispassionate as the tides”

It was with these words that I was able to understand, possibly for the first time, what Aquaman’s true motivation is: balance. Balance between his kingdom and the seas at large; balance between his life in the sea and his life on land. Thank you Penguin Random House Canada for providing me with my copy of The Legend of Aquaman.


Injustice 2 Volume 1 Review

By Meagan Milton for

“I’m not to blame for the blood on your hands, Clark”

It feels like there are thousands of stories that focus on the relationship between Superman and Batman; each depicting there relationship with different lenses. This series has taken one of my favourite takes on their relationship. it focuses on what would happen if both of them felt they were morally superior and what lengths they would go to in order to protect Earth. Thank you Penguin House Canada for providing me with my copy of Injustice 2 (Volume 1).


Ep 49 – The Vintage Episode

Seeing as he missed the Deadpool 2 spoiler video, Hopkins gives us his thoughts on the movie; and we talk all about collecting vintage stuff (mostly comics), including an in-depth look at how to grade comics!

CLUE Review



Book: Clue

Collects: #1-6

Publisher: IDW

Writer: Paul Allor

Artist: Nelson Daniel

Release Date: March 3, 2018

Review by: Peter McNeely


Clue the board game has been transformed into a comic book!

Yes, the board game you know and love is now available in a trade paperback containing all six issue of the series, along with the three alternate endings to issue #1. The familiar characters are back, along with some others, and are invited over to the mansion by Mr. Boddy. Dinner is just finishing up as the mystery begins.


I decided to read Clue simply based on nostalgia. As a kid I loved the game and read the children’s books (both Clue and Clue Jr.). So it is only fitting that I read the comic books as well. The story is written by Paul Allor with art by Nelson Daniel. The letters are done by Neil Uyetake and Gilberto Lazcano. The series is edited by Carlos Guzman.

Clue is a fun book to read. It comes off light-hearted with both its story and cartoonish art style. It is exactly what I expected from picking this title. The story is a straightforward Clue murder mystery. Slowly as things progress more guests begin to die and the list of suspects become narrowed. The characters are very simple with very little detail or background story to them. In most books this is not the best idea to have but it works well with the story. The characters are as follows:


Mr. Boddy: Host of the dinner and the man who is murdered in nearly every edition of clue.

Upton: The butler and narrator to the story.

Mrs. Scarlett: An Aussie Rapper who is at the dinner to perform a private gig.

Mr. Green: Hedge Fund manager turned pharmaceutical bro. Total asshat.

Dr. Orchid: Toxicologist.

Det. Ochre: Grew a cop stache out of peer pressure. Called in to investigate the murder of Mr. Boddy.

Proff. Plum: Polymath, and orphan.

Det. Amarillo: Partner of Det. Ochre.

Colonel Mustard: War hero and buddhist.

Mrs. Peacock: Aristocrat, widow

 CEO of the nation’s largest maid service, also a senator.


Not only do we have characters both new and old but we also have all the original weapons from the board game. The candlestick, lead pipe, revolver, wrench, knife and rope all make an appearance at some point in the story.

Throughout the story the butler breaks the fourth wall to tell the reader of the various happenings at the mansion. Not only does the butler tell the reader of what is going on, he also informs the editor of the book, Carlos Guzman, of his distaste of flashbacks. The editor is drawn into various panels throughout the story and has conversations with the butler. The butler is, in a way, correct that it seems almost unnecessary to have a narrator, to bring the reader up to speed on the story, as well as having flashbacks. The back and forth between the butler and the editor does not add a lot to the main story but does add to the goofiness of the book.


Overall the book is a simple and easy-going read. The kind of book that is good for lazy Sundays or road trips. It is a book that does not take itself too seriously and neither should you. A definite read for Clue fans.

Episode 48 Now On Youtube

Hey everyone,

The video for Podcast episode 48 is now available on our youtube channel. Be sure to check it out and subscribe if you want to get our videos as soon as they’re available!


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