Monthly Archives: January 2017

EP22 – Here is… More Catch Up and the Beginning of Season 2

The guys catch up after a short hiatus from recording. Everyone checks in at the halfway point through winter, Arden’s stomach argues with him, and surprise surprise Suicide Squad still isn’t a very good movie. Beers!

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Rising from the Ashes

*tumble weed drifts about the now empty space in the internet that is TheComicBookDen*


We’re getting back to business…again, but this time we mean it. More updates to follow but here’s what you can expect:

-More fan engagement
-Celebrity interviews
-Free money
-More concise formatting
-More comics
-More Marvel
-More DC
-More Indie
-Less movies
-More beards
-Communist propaganda
-Bad jokes
-Even shittier bad jokes
-Matt…. will be there too
-Death on the Oregan trail

Here’s to a super 2017 superfriends. Beers!


Catching Up

Arden, Jarrett, Matt, Hopkins, and Produce Pete get all caught up in this long-awaited episode, recorded before the holidays. We discuss Rogue One, Logan, Luke Cage, and a lot more. Join us and find out what everyone’s been up to!