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All of us have been hard at work getting the launch of our site and the content underway. It’s been exciting and exhausting at the same time. Matt and I have recorded comic book podcasts in the past but never had so much steam to really deliver it to the world – read About Us and how the podcast evolved to present day.

Our 2.0 incarnation is more than just evolved. It’s supercharged with alien DNA (alien to our first lineup) and the five of us are now greater than the sum of our parts. Our history as recorded shows a quick progression; from casual beer-fueled chatting about our “comic book origin stories” – how we got into comic books – in the site-exclusive episode #0; organized upcoming movie news in episode 1 (the first to be published on iTunes/Play); to a well-oiled machine of a special Deadpool One-Shot Spolier-cast with reviews and discussion coming out tomorrow.

It’s been a blast watching it all grow. There have been many email threads back-and-forth about all the details, and the fervour is contagious. Ryan and I have been thinking of hosting ideas, Pete has done an awesome job of managing us when the tape is rolling, etc. Everyone is pulling their weight getting the word out and keeping the lines of communication open within.

More than simply a podcast, we’re a group of guys committed to spending some of our free time focusing on a common passion. Upcoming things to look for on the site include blog posts of our adventures at conventions, past and present (the latter with live tweets!) complete with photos, galleries of our collected artwork from the best names in the business, reviews of stories new and old, and so much more. I hope we can some day open a store page to distribute our creative works to fans!

Arden, Hopkins, and Pete bring a much needed energy to the whole process from start to finish. Where two guys alone can struggle to find time to scrape the web for news, post updates on the site, go to conventions, record, mix, and edit podcasts, and generally stay on top of all of it, five guys can attack it all head on and laugh the whole way. It went from a chore to a privilege practically overnight, and we hope you enjoy the fruit of our labour as much as we enjoy publishing it!

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