X-Books and Storylines: A History of the X-Men

Uncanny X-Men

A living document (and still a work in progress); here is my list of notable X-Men stories and milestones, with liner notes.

  • 1963: The X-Men (Original team Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl / Jean Grey)
    • (Magneto; Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch; Juggernaut; Boliver Trask creates the Sentinels / Master Mold)
  • 1975: Giant-Size X-Men #1
    • “Second Genesis” (Xavier hires the second team, Banshee, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, Sunfire, Thunderbird, to rescue the first team)
  • 1981: becomes Uncanny X-Men (80’s: The New Mutants, X-Factor, & Excalibur released; Thunderbird dies)
    • “The Dark Phoenix Saga”
    • “Days of Future Past” (Future-Phoenix Rachel Summers returns to present, Nimrod follows)
    • “God Loves, Man Kills” (Rev. William Stryker)
    • “Mutant Massacre” (Mr. Sinister’s Marauders kill the Morlocks, rip off Angel’s wings)
    • “Fall of the Mutants” (Apocalypse brainwashes Angel as Archangel, the Four Horsemen’s Death)
    • “Inferno” (Mr. Sinister’s clone of Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor, becomes Goblin Queen; Colossus’ sis Illyana becomes Darkchylde; demons invade NYC)
    • “Days of Future Present” (Ahab travels back from future of “Days of Future Past“)

  • 1991: X-Men, X-Force v.1 released
    • “X-tinction Agenda” (Cameron Hodge uses mind-wiped mutants as slaves to kill the rest)
    • “Muir Island Saga”
    • “X-cutioner’s Song” (Stryfe tries to assassinate Xavier & frame Cable, intros Legacy Virus)
    • “Fatal Attractions” (Magneto pulls Wolverine’s adamantium out; Xavier mind-wipes him)
    • “Phalanx Covenant” (techno-organic aliens invade)
  • 1994: Generation-X released
    • “Age of Apocalypse” (alternate timeline)
  • 1995: X-Man continues (end of X-Factor & Excalibur)
    • “Onslaught” (“Fatal Attractions” aftermath creates the psionic villain Onslaught, takes many Marvel heroes with Doctor Doom’s help to destroy him)
      (Master Mold and Nimrod merge to become Bastion)
    • “Operation: Zero Tolerance” (Bastion creates the Prime Sentinels, convinces gov’t to track down mutants)
    • “Magneto War”
    • “The Twelve” (Apocalypse merges with Cyclops)
    • “Revolution”
  • 2001: X-Treme X-Men released (end of X-Man & Generation-X)
    • “Dreams End” (Moira MacTaggart & Senator Kelly die)
    • “Eve of Destruction” (Colossus dies, ends Legacy Virus)
  • 2001: New X-Men v.1 released
    • “E is for Extinction” (Xavier’s sister Cassandra Nova uses the Sentinels for mutant genocide in Genosha)
    • “Planet X” (Return of Magneto, Jean Grey dies again)
    • “Here Comes Tomorrow” (Cyclops re-opens the school with Emma Frost)
  • 2004: Astonishing X-Men released (end of New X-Men v.1, v.2 with new mutant students released)
    • Gifted“, “Dangerous“, “Torn“, & “Unstoppable” (Joss Whedon’s run; return of Colossus, The Danger Room becomes sentient)
    • House of M” (results in “M-Day“: Scarlet Witch says “No more mutants”, dropping the mutant population to 198)
    • “Decimation” (The Day After “M-Day“)
  • 2006: New Excalibur, X-Factor v.2 released
    • “Deadly Genesis” (Cyclops banishes Xavier)
    • “Endangered Species” (Beast tries to cure mutants depowered by M-Day but fails)
    • Messiah Complex” (Hope, the first new mutant baby is born)
  • 2008: X-Force v.3 released
    • “Divided We Stand” (follow-up to “Messiah Complex“)
    • “Manifest Destiny” (follow-up to “Divided We Stand“)
    • “X-Infernus” (sequel to “Inferno“)
    • Messiah War” (part two of “Messiah Complex“)
    • “Utopia” (Norman Osborne brings down the X-Men)
    • “Nation X” (Aftermath of “Utopia”, return of Magneto)
    • “Necrosha” (the Black Queen resurrects dead mutants, trying to become a goddess)
    • Second Coming” (part three of “Messiah Complex / Messiah War“; Nightcrawler dies)
  • 2010: Uncanny X-Force released (end of X-Force v.3)
    • “Curse of the Mutants”
    • “Age of X”
    • “Schism” (The team divides into two: Cyclops on west-coast and Wolverine in NY)
  • 2011: Uncanny X-Men v.2, Age of Apocalypse released (end of Uncanny X-Men v.1)
    • “Regenesis”
    • “Fear Itself” (Marvel-wide)
    • “X-Sanction”
    • “Avengers vs X-Men”
  • 2012: All-New X-Men, Uncanny Avengers will be released as part of Marvel NOW! (end of Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny X-Force)
    • Original X-Men return

X-Men Names

To be continued!


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