Tripping out on @black_lines_ Dodgy Pills

Black Lines: Dodgy Pills cover by Olly Cunningham

Black Lines: Dodgy Pills cover by Olly Cunningham

Volume one of Black Lines, called “Dodgy Pills” (released September 2015), is a creepy leer into the darker corners of the human condition. While purposefully uncomfortable at times, this read is as addictive as the pills the characters take.

Have you ever had that feeling?  Floating, feeling tiny in a room or world impossibly large? Maybe brought on by fever, something smoked, or a lack or food or sleep. That feeling is experienced not only by the characters but also the reader.

Although grim with a side of eerily believable, there is something hilarious about the entire story. We follow a day or so in the drug-addled lives of couple Tommo and Ashanti, and her father Jimmy. This read practically doubles as a public service announcement warning against drug use, reminding me of how I felt watching Requiem for a Dream (2000) the first time but with more chuckles. I’m looking forward to volume two, entitled “Yetis Out”, due out soon.

I highly recommend checking this out if you’re at all into dark comedy and darker, more adult themes grounded in reality. It’s available in paperback on / / .

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