The Power of the Superman Myth

Doomsday vs Superman

We dig into the world’s first superhero, Superman. A follow-up to our Batman episode (in honour of the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie), we also talk about toys, and announce our new upcoming companion show “Reeducation Through Reading.” Featuring Arden, Hopkins, Jarrett, Matt, and Pete.

Each episode of our new bi-weekly podcast “Reeducation Through Reading” will showcase a story we’d mentioned previously in our usual podcast. They’ll go online a week-and-a-half later to buy plenty of time to acquire and read the story yourself if interested.

“Reeducation Through Reading” will debut on Wednesday, March 30th 2016 with our look at Captain Canuck: Aleph and All-New Captain Canuck Classic #0 by Chapterhouse Comics, available on their online store and digitally on comiXology.

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