Our Ottawa Comic Con 2016 Episode


Our first convention podcast episode covering Ottawa Comic Con 2016, dedicated to the memory of Darwyn Cooke. We take turns telling all about our experiences at the EY Centre May 13-15 this year meeting celebrities, comic book creators, and you!We apologize for the delay getting this episode out – conventions are far crazier than we’re used to and leave us with little time to record. Our Captain America: Civil War SPOILERcast will be out Monday, so watch for that too… and don’t forget your reading assignment homework! The Reeducation Through Reading episode at the end of the month with will cover “Avengers: Disassembled” & “House of M”.

From Wikipedia:

Darwyn Cooke (November 16, 1962 – May 14, 2016) was an Eisner Award-winning Canadian comic book writer, artist, cartoonist and animator, known for his work on the comic books Catwoman, DC: The New Frontier, The Spirit and Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter.

Cooke was born in Toronto, but lived in Nova Scotia.


We sadly lost him to cancer on the morning of Saturday, May 14th. He will be missed but never forgotten. We dedicate this episode to his memory.


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