Of Things To Come

Hey Superfriends,

Hopkins checking in with you all again, this time to talk about the things that we’re planning for the new year and on for The Comic Book Den. We have a few things we can’t quite talk about just yet but here’s the gist:

-The show is returning to it’s original bi weekly format, so new episodes every two weeks. Mondays at 9:30am EST.

-Re Education Through Reading, our book review centred show has been shelved so that we can focus more on the main podcast and make sure it meets the level of quality discussion that we’re striving for. Don’t fret though you can expect more book centred episodes in the future as well as written reviews and opinions here on thecomicbookden.ca.

-We’re looking for more ways that we can engage with you, the listeners, so be sure to tune in for ways that you can help us make the show better. Please, please, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter (@thecomicbookden) or on Facebook with show topics you’d like to hear us discuss, questions for the guys or just friendly constructive criticism.

-Just like last year we will be out in force at the Ottawa Comic Con in May with news and happenings from that event, so be sure to look forward to that. We may or may not be attending Fan Expo Canada again, Arden definitely will not but that’s his prerogative, more on that as we get further into the year.

-Lastly if you’re an independent comic book writer or artist we would love to feature your hard work on the podcast so please reach out to us so we can bring your creations to a wider audience.

The next episode of the show will be available on Monday February 13th at 9:30am  EST.

Until then,


Hopkins out.


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If gaming is my true love, then comics are my seedy mistress. Always one to latch on to a good story or an interesting character, I'm a product of the 90's and all that Pop Culture has to offer. Jumping onto the comic train after dipping my toes in the MCU, I never got off and the train speeds up a little bit everyday. When I'm not playing a game I'm devouring some other form of written or visual nerd culture stimuli.