Welcome to TheComicBookDen Year 3

What’s up Superfriends!? If you’re reading this that means that we’ve all entered year 3 of this thing together and it’s still chugging along. No doubt you’ve noticed that all our branding has been updated across our social media, you can thank Mr. Arden for toiling over that the last few weeks while getting way too much feedback from the other 4 of us. I’m sure you can imagine.

Anyways, hopefully you’ve had a chance to listen to the anniversary podcast where we do talk about all the great goals and aspirations we’ve set for ourselves and the podcast over the next year, if not I highly recommend you check it out down below.

Outside of that we’re working towards upping our podcast game in as many ways as possible, but more than anything we’d love to hear from you, the person who is reading this post right now. So if you’re reading this on the website, or maybe seeing it on Twitter or Facebook, let us know about it.

Anyways, we hope you’re excited about everything to come this year, we sure are, thanks for listening.



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About Hopkins

If gaming is my true love, then comics are my seedy mistress. Always one to latch on to a good story or an interesting character, I'm a product of the 90's and all that Pop Culture has to offer. Jumping onto the comic train after dipping my toes in the MCU, I never got off and the train speeds up a little bit everyday. When I'm not playing a game I'm devouring some other form of written or visual nerd culture stimuli.