TMNT/Ghostbusters 2 Review

By Matt Larose for

Ghosts and villains are terrorizing the world through multiple dimensions, who do you call?! The Ghostbusturtles!………..ok I’m guessing you’re not familiar with this term because you haven’t read this book, well then I guess I’ll use them by their real names, you call the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Ghostbusters. So if I was working at IDW and had the rights to almost all the best 80’s cartoon properties what would I do with two of them? Cross them over of course which leads me to today’s review. Here comes IDW with it’s second installment of this fantastic crossover, being a fan of the first chapter I had high hopes going into this read.

TMNT/Ghostbusters 2 from IDW

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Vol 2

Collects Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters 2 #1-5
Published by IDW
Written by Erik Burnham and Tom Waltz
Art by Dan Schoening, Mark Torres, Pablo Tunica, Tadd Galusha and Charles Paul Wilson III


Let’s start with the positives, I was real happy when they announced that they were going to be doing a sequel to this mash up because the first series tied in quite well with the TMNT series which I follow religiously. The teaming up of each member from both teams was great. Leo with Winston both explaining and showing off war stories and battle techniques was really cool. They both had such high respect for each other and their fighting styles. Raph and Ray was pretty funny just because of their circumstances, they both discussed their dislikes with one and another but not to the point of disgust for each other but more as over criticized friends, ie Ray’s age and low capacity for movement and Ray noticing that Raph wears his heart on his sleeve but is too afraid to show it in front of friends and family. Mikey and Peter’s team up was really interesting because here you have the jokesters of each group but their time together wasn’t all that funny but kind of heartfelt and eye opening. Sure the both of them were on task with what the mission had to be but Peter really opened up Mikey’s eyes to the fact that he has potential in not just being a ninja turtles but to actually do something else with life like going to school and learning more about life and psychology. My favourite pairing was Donatello and Egon, which is funny because I wasn’t big on either as a child. Both had gone through the ordeal that was known as death, so for two characters who are based specifically on science to go through something so spiritual and compare notes on it was very interesting, plus to hear them both geek out over inventions, theories and what have you was quite comical.

you had other stories to follow in order to get to this story.

Now for my negatives, and just so you know it’s not a whole lot. My first complaint was not with the team up itself but rather the fact that you had other stories to follow in order to get to this story. This also happened with the TMNT storyline as well, the story I’m getting into was TMNT: Dimension X. I collect TMNT through trades so when I’m reading the latest one and questioning what the hell is going on because I hadn’t read this story yet I get a little confused, what was worse was the fact that it did that to me for two different stories. The fact that there was an order to read these stories and me not having any knowledge of it was confusing and a slight irritation, not cool IDW and as for TMNT: Dimension X………you will be mine, on my next pay week.

My next gripe was the constant changing of the art, I know comics are mainly about their stories but I’m the guy who reads it for the stories and have great visuals for said story. Not saying that the art was terrible but I’m a one artist kind of guy when it comes to these stories. I can understand the art change from title to title because both TMNT and Ghostbusters had different art styles because they were two different dimensions and they did that for the first trade which was cool, but they did way too much in this book and it messed with my head (doesn’t take much if you’ve heard me on the show). It was cool to see them give nods to the different TV series though through the different art styles but I wanted them to stay with the TMNT and Ghostbusters series.

This was a great read with a good feel of teamwork and family in the story so if you are a child of the 80’s or just a fan of these pop culture icons i suggest strongly that you give this book a glance, a great sequel with the hint at a third installment which in my view just has to be done. So get in that Ecto 1 or Turtle Van and grab this for a good read, just heads up before you read, don’t be afraid of no ghosts and as always………..Cowabunga!

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