About Us

We’re a group of guys from the Ottawa region who enjoy talking about all things comic book.

Matt and Jarrett had tried to start a podcast in 2013, but not long after it started to take off it unraveled. They kept going to conventions and meeting comic book fans all over.

Once Matt started working at the comic book shoppe, he met Arden, who in turn introduced Pete and Hopkins. They were interested in getting in on a podcast and the project was reborn. When they went back to school, ourĀ  old friend and convention buddy Danny stepped in to help keep the project rolling.

In the den on a couch, armed with beer, recording equipment, and a passion for comics, we’re excited to publish our own content; we are having a blast carving out our own den on the web.

Contact everyone @ thecomicbookden . ca – or find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr!